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10 Wishlist plants for this summer

by Deborah

It is no secret I love plants a lot. Since I moved to Belgium and had to part from my collection plants in The Netherlands, I’m more inclined to add more plants into my life over here. And of course I will do so once I’ve landed a job! One thing is certain: I do have a lot of inspiration when that time comes, as my wishlist has been growing quite a bit over time.

My taste in plants is actually quite extensive. Even though there’s one major genus I enjoy the most, I love a lot more plants than just the monstera. In general I prefer tropical plants, mainly because they can withstand a bit of water. I love succulents as well, but I fear I do have the tendency to overwater them, resulting in them dying. Monsteras, philodendrons and ferns are a lot easier in that way. Not all, as I found after still drowning some of them, but practice makes perfect, right?



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Philodendron Bob See

The xanadu is wildly known, but his little brother isn’t the most popular variety – yet. They’re not exactly similar, but they look quite similar to be able to name them in the same exact sentence. Bob See (sometimes spelled with a c) is slightly different in the way the leaves grow: xanadu has a big bush of leaves, whereas this one pops up leaves like a monstera or a philodendron erubescens. Not a full bush, but that definitely won’t distract from the unique shape of the leaves.



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Philodendron “Strawberry Shake”

Another philodendron, and a hybrid one this time. Look at the amazing pastel colours, like the soft pink and yellow! I simply love it! The leaves look like that of a pink princes, but pastel. It reminds me of spring, eating ice cream in the city centre, and all other types of happy things. I’m sure this plant will look stunning against a white wall.



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Monstera Borsigiana Aurea Variegata

Everybody knows the monstera borsigiana albo variegata or the monstera deliciosa “Thai constellation”. Luckily for me, I own them both, and can vouch for their sheer beauty. This plant is a slightly less known namesake of the former; it is the aurea instead of the albo. In other words: its variegation is yellow/gold instead of white. Usually I’m not a huge fan of yellow variegated plants, but I’ll gladly add this one to my collection. I still want my monstera collection to be as big and as inclusive as possible, so I simply have to add this one!



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Philodendron “Ring of Fire”

Another gorgeous philodendron (and yet another variegated variety): the ring of fire! Even though the colours don’t look like a fire, I get why it is named after it: the spots on its leaves remind me of the sparks of a fire – but again, in pastel colours. This plant has been on my wishlist for ages, so it’s time I’ll add this to my tiny urban jungle!



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Not as fancy as the former ones, but still a plant I’d love to own – again. I like a lot of different herbs because of their ability to help in a certain way. At home in The Netherlands, my mum owns a eucalyptus that grows exponentially, and its leaves always smell so delicious when you rub them between your fingers. On top of that, their leaves are quite decorative and often used to wrap gifts. I can’t help but wonder whether its leaves would burn the way sage does when dried.



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Another boring yet extremely fragrant plant: rosemary. It’s been my favourite herb for as long as I remember, and especially ever since I started cooking also the most used one. For example: I made these tarts with lemon and rosemary some years ago. Rosemary quickly became an indispensable herb to me, if only to go through the plant with my bare hands to smell the wonderful scent.



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Hoya Polyneura

Also known as the Fishtail Hoya because of the specific shape of its leaves. I never really loved hoyas – probably because I grew up surrounded by them – but that actually changed over the last couple of years. This one doesn’t look like it has much of the normally thick, leathery leaves the genus mostly has. I can’t confirm this actually (yet!), because I never seen one in real life. I hop that’ll change quite soon, though!



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Hoya Serpens

A fairly easy plant with tiny, round leaves? Yes, please! I went through quite the amount of small-leaved plants, only for them to die soon after bringing them home. Maybe this serpens will be the exception to the rule, as the care for hoya’s is more up my alley, especially compared to the plants that died before.



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Amydrium Medium

Due to the more common known name of monstera spiderman, one might assume this is in fact a monstera. But it isn’t! Just like the rhaphidophora tetrasperma it is confused with one of the most sought after geni at the moment. I do get this, as the fenestration does remind of a monstera. Maybe that’s the reason I would love to buy it as well: it would suit perfectly into my urban jungle!



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Philodendron Majesty

Last but most definitely not least this gorgeous philodendron. And what a royalty it is! Over the course of this year I became more and more enthusiastic about plants with dark leaves. They are classy, fresh-looking, and most of all they draw your attention to them. This one isn’t an exception to that rule. How absolutely breathtaking would this one look between different kinds of green plants?

Of course, this list is just a small part of my entire wishlist. Plants make me happy, and I still have the dream to own a huge urban jungle with some furniture thrown in between. I never stop learning about plants, and learning about them is something I enjoy a lot. If you have any tips yourself, please put them down in the comments below! I would love to see what plants are on your wishlist.

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