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In some cultures the believe exists that whenever there is a sunshower, two foxes are getting married. Personally, I’ve never seen this, but I’m enough of a romantic to want to believe this. The name of this blog has been loosely based on this folklore, with the focus on the female part of the newlyweds.

Vixen’s Wedding has been established in 2017 and completely renewed in April 2020. Each week, articles about primarily art, culture, and (the care of) plants will be published on here; aka the things I enjoy the most. I also publish tips about my favourite places on earth. In other words: Vixen’s Wedding is like a peek into my life.

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About me

On a page named like this it’s almost obligatory to introduce myself as well! My name is Deborah, I’m 27 years old and I was born in The Netherlands. I graduated as an art historian at the University of Groningen late 2017. My minor studies were Italian language and culture, and the history of music. During these studies not only did my love for art and culture enhance, but it was also during this time that my love for Italy was endowed to me. One day I would love to live in Florence for a while, to enjoy its art and cuisine, but at the moment I’m very happy living in Antwerp. Since January 2020 I’ve been living over here, together with my boyfriend. If you want to read more about this, please read this article.

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