Disclaimer reviews

by Deborah

Most of the products on this site are paid for by myself. Sometimes I receive certain products for free in exchange for a review or other type of post. In the instances this has happened, it will be shown explicitly at the bottom of said post. It will roughly look like this:

This review/post contains a gifted product.

It is important to notice that the way I obtained the product – whether I bought it myself or it was gifted to me – doesn’t impact my opinion on it. Honesty is very important to me, and I’m honest in all of my opinions.

Not all gifted products will be shown on my site. It is possible that a product doesn’t meet my expectations, or it doesn’t seem to fit the contents and topics on this site. Before I agree with a collaboration, I will look into the product and consider whether it will fit on my site. If not, I won’t start the collaboration. Of course I will say so to the person I’ve been in contact with: the same goes for instances where the gifted product doesn’t appear to fit in after receiving it. Authenticity is an important part of my site as well as the brand contacting me, and I won’t want to harm either of our sides in this matter.


I also review books on my site, or write other kind of articles about them. If a book was gifted to me, then I will say so underneath the article itself. It might look like this:

This review/post contains a gifted  eARC.

An eARC is an online advanced review copy; a book gifted by a publisher (often through NetGalley) to generate reviews before it gets released. An ARC serves the same purpose, but is a physical copy.

I always review books on Goodreads immediately after reading it for the first time, as well as on the website I received the book from (in case of an eARC). You can find them on  my Goodreads-page. I review all gifted books, but not all of them will be shown on my site. I use the same selection procedure as mentioned above.

Want to collab?

Perhaps you’ve found this page looking for ways I can means something for you. Feel free to send me an email with your question (or offer), and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.