Privacy Policy

by Deborah

Vixen’s Wedding (“company”, “blog”, “(web)site”, “I”, “we”, or “us”) is dedicated to respect the privacy of your personal information. This privacy policy describes what information is collected on this website from you, and how it is being used. Anyone who uses, visits, and/or views this website – including embedded posts and videos on other outlets – is being referred to as “you”.


When visiting this website, you agree with providing us certain personal information, including but not limited to your (full) name, nickname, email address, phone number, address, (avatar) image, website, and/or social media handles. This information is collected when you sign up for the newsletter and/or additional offers and promotions, provide comments, use the search option on the website, contact us, and/or fill out a form on this website – including but not limited to surveys, giveaways, and contact forms.

Your personal information is collected in order to provide the best possible experience for you on this website, including processing your requests, offering services, tailor advertisements for your personal preferences, providing offers, promotions, and information, and to follow up with you through correspondence (email, phone, or social media) whenever needed. Your information can also be used in order to provide offers and promotions from third parties, including partners and affiliates, in exchange for a commission and/or to offer a discount without any additional cost to you. When leaving a comment, your information provided – name, email address, and website – is not shared with a third party, but may be used to communicate with you, both in the comments section and through further correspondence.

In addition, this website also collects information about you through Google Analytics and Log Data. This information is to provide us insight on the behaviour and statistics of our visitors, in order to enhance our services to you.

This website is not intended for visitors outside the EU, nor for children under 16. If you are under 16, and/or from outside the EU, you are welcome to visit this website, but we cannot be held responsible for any information given on this website and by third parties, nor can we be held responsible for the collecting and usage of your personal information. By visiting this website you agree that this happens on your own responsibility. You also agree to lose any (legal) rights of your country and/or state.

Social media sharing options – including but not limited to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – are available on this website, as well as links to social media accounts. We do not take responsibility for the use, storage or dissemination of personal information collected and used by these third parties, nor do we take responsibility or any kind of liability related to misuse of your information by others. According to their own privacy statements, those social media outlets might collect information from you through this website; whenever you are logged in on any of the platforms we mention on our blog, they might collect your information through your account, including but not limited by using cookies.


This website uses cookies to facilitate your use of the website. By visiting our website, you agree on providing information including but not limited to your IP address, language, geographic location, and date and time of your visit. When interacting with us, for example through comments, your name, email address, and website may be stored for your convenience to leave comments in the future. We use cookies in order to optimizing and personalizing your experience, saving your preferences for future use, collecting analytics, and serving ads based on your preferences.

Cookies can be removed in your personal browser, which can be done at any given moment. Please use the help option in your browser to know exactly how you are able to do so. Removing cookies will not change the way you are able to use our website.


On the website the use of third parties may occur; these include but are not limited to links to other webpages, affiliate links, embedded content like videos and photos, advertisements, promotions, and social media buttons. Embedded content works exactly the same as if you would visit the other website. These sites may collect personal information mentioned also in the paragraphs above. We are not responsible for the content, information, activities, and practices of these third parties. Once you leave this website, or use the embedded content, you are no longer bound by our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. By doing so, you agree that your use of these websites and content by third parties is at your own risk.


We do not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, unless in certain circumstances. We hold the ability to share this information whenever we deem it necessary, as for example in the circumstances like:

  • operation of our website; we may share your information with our hosting services, email marketing provider (in the case of email subscription), and/or other affiliate parties in order to make this website work;
  • different owners; in the case of merging or acquisition of or on this website (including multiple writers), personal information may be transferred to third parties. This will be completely be done according this privacy policy;
  • legal issues; in case of lawsuits or other legal claims, both by us and official forces, we will provide necessary information to comply to them.


In no shape, way or form do we sell your information to other parties as we strongly believe people and their information are not commercial products. Nor do we ever send spam or misleading information to you as user of our website.

However, as visitor of this website you do always have the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list, which can be done by clicking the button on the bottom of the received email. Within the EU, you also have the right – in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation – to have the collected personal information removed. Please send a request to the email address given on the bottom of this text. Your information will also be removed in the case of:

  • closing and removing this website;
  • ceasing using our existing data providers;
  • not deeming it necessary to retain the data.

As you are in the EU, you also have the right to access your data. You have the right to both erase and rectify this information.

We do not intent to collect and store information of individuals under the age of 16. However, not always do we have the knowledge of the age of the visitors. We strongly suggest parents to keep an eye on the online behaviour of their children. If you think we collected and stored information of an individual under the age of 16, please send us an email to have this information removed.


Vixen’s Wedding uses an SSL-certificate in order to keep your information safe. However, it is still possible that information may be leaked, for example by use of outdated devices and/or software when visiting the site, or security threats on different levels. Even though we try not to let this happen, we cannot guarantee that it will not happen. Please be aware of this fact. By using this website, you agree to hold us harmless for any security breach, and for any unauthorized use of your personal information by third parties.


This privacy policy is effective as of 1 January 2020, and will be updated and modified whenever necessary. By using this website, you agree with all the contents in this policy. By continued use after an update, you also agree with the updates of this policy. We have the right to modify and update this website whenever we deem it necessary.

For any questions regarding this privacy policy, and/or requests, please contact us at